Fisher and his colleagues cultured samples of the fungus

The visit by these country music superstars comes on the heels of two wildly popular major concerts at Clipper Magazine Stadium in 2005, which combined to draw nearly 20,000 fans. On June 19, fans were entertained by musical icons Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson in the first ever concert at Clipper Magazine Stadium. Two [...]

You know, like /r/meirl and stuff

I too buy like 99% of the toys we have. I feel I need to initiate most of the "interesting" sex with her, or else it will NEVER happen. Even if we somehow do something "interesting", it often disappoints me because she just doesn seem to put in the effort or fusses too much, [...]

It is easier to hold a grudge of hard feelings against the

I know I've had some partners who weren't okay with that, for sure, and that really does suck although I think that serves as a good sign I shouldn't be with that person vibrators, ultimately. My last girlfriend which was a really good relationship told me that the idea of naming my genitals transgressively [...]